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Our Sanctuary

Chicken Nugget

Colorful chicken in the grass

The one and only Nugget. This little bantam rooster is the star of the Gang and the inspiration for our rescue. Chicken Nugget was rescued by our founder, Keir, in 2016 from the fabulous people in Critter’s Chance in Plainfield, Indiana. They found Chicken Nugget wandering the streets alone and near death from Mites, frost-bite, you name it. This chicken has been through it all, and he’s dang resilient. Today, he’s going strong and doing great and keeps every member of the gang in line.

Nugget is a cuddler, the leader of the pack, and very protective of his flock. Keep an eye on this little guy and you will see him carefully organizing the hens, even the ones that are four times his size. He always makes sure everyone gets plenty to eat.